Life is in constant change and embedded in movements.

Through space and time we develop our personalities.

Trauma is the opposite of flow. We feel stuck and imprisoned in our survival strategies.
We as humans have important survival responses hardwired to our brains which we can learn to understand.

Following the flow, even in an opposite way, helps you to transform and heal.
In holistic flow, we invite conditions to transform trauma back into the natural flow of life.

Andrea and Ann-Kasra

Trauma healing

Do you already know that you can grow beyond trauma? If you could collect the gifts or your trauma what would it be?

Our body, mind and soul are one unity which want to be respected as a unity.
Let’s listen carefully to the missing links of our perception to invite healing to take place.

It is our mission to listen to your process. Step by step we accompany you with respect and compassion.


Can you imagine that life begins at the end of your comfort zone?
Can you see challenges as a major tool of growth?

In our encounters, we would like to invite you to go to the edges. That is where growth takes place.

Everybody of us has a different strategy to deal with challenges/stress. Growth is a natural phenomenon and everybody can support growth to happen even if it feels uncomfortable.

Together we can create a field of awareness which invites new opportunities to grow.


How do you relate to change? Are you able to invite the “NOT KNOWING” which is the basis for transformation?

When the old no longer carries and the new is not yet visible.

Laziness is an expression of fear. We will support you in facing your shadow to integrate them and not to avoid or numb them.

Your pain is not too big, your fear is not too scary, your stupidity is not too much! We trust the inner healing plan of your soul. Together we can invite better conditions to transform ourselves and the world.